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Chata Kosodrevina
Bystrá dolina, Chopok Juh
977 01 Bystrá

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Telefónne číslo: 0905 516 519

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GPS: 48.9324757, 19.5971663


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Srdecene vas pozyvame na piate pokračovanie uspešneho wikendoveho mini festivalu WE ARE IN SPACE na chate KOSODREVINA-NIZKE TATRY, tento krat spojene s 15 vyročim spolku PSYALASKA. Čas neskutočne leti a ubehlo už 15 rokov odkedy sme pre vas zorganizovali prvu paty. 

Možete sa tešiť na dva podia s množstvom zahraničnych aj domacich interpretov. Nebude chybat velky chillout s čajovnou SHANTEA BAR. K dispozicii budu dva bary, jedalen s dennym menu, mnmožstvo obchodikov, prekrasnych dekoracii a okulahodicach projekcií.

Ubytovnaie priamo na chate KOSODREVINA

od 15.08 2015 ubytovanie-izby 2-3-4-5-6 postelove
mail- telefon- 0905516519 cena 10e na osobu za noc

Premavat bude lanovka ale ten kusok je možne prejst aj peši a užit si prekrasne vyhlady na končiare Nizkych Tatier.



We warmly invite you to join us at mountain Cottage KOSODREVINA (Low Tatras) for the fifth installment of the successful weekend minifestival WE ARE IN SPACE. This time we are also celebrating 15 years of the PSYALASKA crew. We can't believe that 15 years have flown by since we organised our first party! You can look forward to two stages with a variety of international and local acts. Naturally you can also expect a big chillout area with the SHANTEA BAR chai shop. 

Other attractions include two bars, a canteen with daily specials, lots of stalls, stunning decorations, and gorgeous projections. Accommodation is available on-site at Chalet Kosodrevina in 2,3,4,5,or 6 bed dorms. Reservations for rooms will be open from the beginning of August. Information available soon. Arrive by cable car, or enjoy the short walk with beautiful views of the Low Tatras. 

We look forward to your company!


live and djs sets

●ૐ SORROWMURK-Basic Algorithm/SunStation rec- Russia

Sorrowmurk is a solo project of Eugene Martynov, who is certainly not a newcomer to the music scene. In the past, he was a member of the famous psytrance project Dissociactive, where, together with Slava Iskanyan, they released the highly acclaimed album “Blockout” on Acidance Records in 2005. After a long break Evgeny decided to start solo with fresh ideas, a deep knowledge of production techniques, and unlimited passion for creating cutting-edge psychedelic trance music.

●ૐ CAVEMAN-Purple Hexagon rec-ITALY

CAVEMAN (New Alchemic Circle/Quarion Tribe) is GIANLUCA VOCALE. Born in 1984, he approached music at the age of 6 years old and began a serious study of the guitar and drums until the age of 14.
Influenced by his uncle, he has always listened to bands like Guns' n Roses, Nirvana, Metallica.At the age of 15, he weaved his hair and began listening to reggae and ska punk bands until he fell deeply in love with sounds of bands like NOFX, Rancid, Lag Wagon, Exploited, and nu-metal crossover ones.Over the time, a friend introduced him to the psytrance world, from which he was immediately fascinated. In 2007, he started playing as a DJ at parties with the support of dj COIL, Mik3l, Dodo3D, Oranghead and friends of all the brands. Started as a DJ full on psytrance, he progressively evolved to the dark psy sounds.In 2009 he began to produce his own music and got to have a good knowledge of Cubase with the help of his friend Sasha (Sunday Light).
I thank all my friends and all the people who supported me through this beautiful path in the psytrance world.

●ૐ XYMOX-Subsystem rec-SCOTLAND

Ali has been Rocking the UK dancefloors for just under 6 years and is now taking his sound further afield. Currently He is signed with Subsystem Records From South Africa/Ireland Pushing a sound that comprises a mixture raw sounds, groovy rhythms and fat basslines, he is always striving for originality and innovation which makes him one of Scotlands most sought after artists. In 2011 Ali helped start Scotlands first record label NeuroScotia Records with his close friend Mike -(Dharma).
ali has played in hungary, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia and all over the UK, This year see's him being taken further to lots of new countries, he has been lucky enough to play beside Flooting grooves, Ajja, Pieman, Phobos, Chris Rich, Nomad 25, Illegal Machines, Sprocket, Caveman, Hoodwink, Skyhighatrist, Highstyle, Fagins Reject, ZzBing, Act one, Subsaharan, Occular and many more great DJ's and Live acts.
Ali Couldn't be happier to play back in Slovakia.


Quadrant is a brand new Psytrance Live Act from Dublin/Scotland, and a collaboration between Subsaharan and Xymox.Both of these psychedelic monsters are poised to enter your bedroom and your nightclub, and steal your bitch. "caution floor is wet' signs will be needed in abundance, for obvious reasons.Blending together a variety of musical styles, quadrant will twist your mind, bend your senses, assault you with sheer unassailable psychedelic power, and blast your dancefloors. Creating Their own twist on psychedelic music has been a natural progression for both of them, and the end result is now illegal in 27 states, banned by the bbc, and 'strongly advised' by most leading psychedelic music connoisseurs

●ૐ SGARY-Purple Hexagon/Sangoma rec-GERMANY

sG4rY is currently residing in Munich where he studies Visual Anthropology & Environmental Studies. Furthermore, he is active as:
Label DJ for
"Sangoma Records" (South Africa)
"Purple Hexagon Records" as BrOth3rYs DJ-Ping-Pong Show wih DJ Merry:) (Italy/Indonesia)

●ૐ AZRAEL-NeuroScotia rec- UK

Azrael (Alex Millington) was introduced to Psytrance in the summer of 2008 while living in Italy. He is a manager of Scotland's first Psychedelic Trance label, Neuroscotia Records, which was begun with a collection of like minded individuals in 2011, whilst he was travelling the world, and playing at parties as far afield as Indonesia (Burning Island, Gili Air 2013), Slovakia (Fantasy Forest 2013) Vienna (Psykodrome 2013) Italy (Holograma 2013) and of course Edinburgh (Glencoe 2013, Assorted other events) 
He is currently a resident DJ at the Space Bar Chillout Heaven, Bratislava.
His sound can be anywhere between Chillout and Hi-Tech depending on the forum, With driving Basslines, Epic Drops, and beautiful morning melodies thrown in for good measure. Bookings and Info –

●ૐ PETRIX-Transkarpatians –UKRAINE

●ૐ OCHEN-Lesna Zajka/Medula-POLAND

●ૐ MEFF-Goa Dupa/Egodrop-POLAND


●ૐ ONDREJ PSYLA-Mystical Waves-Czech

●ૐ YPSYLON-Mystical Waves-SLOVAKIA

●ૐ CHORS-Psyalaska/Timeflux-SLOVAKIA


●ૐ GYRRO-Spectral Sound-SLOVAKIA

●ૐ STAFA- Psyalaska Tribe-SLOVAKIA

●ૐ CUMMIS-Zahadum Sphere – SLOVAKIA


●ૐ SMEAGOL-Bizzare Project-SLOVAKIA

sound system powered by 

◄A-KA-THA crystal sound system►








●ૐ Vortex Visual Division-POLAND






















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Vyhody: usetriš + nemusis vstupne riesit na brane a cakat v rade

SHOPS, STALLS are very welcome

en3-16 EUR all wend
1day-10 EUR



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  • Begin: 16. October 2015 at 18:45
  • End: 18. October 2015 at 09:00
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  • Place: 48.9324757, 19.5971663

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