Alternatíva_FM (transparent green logo)

From April 26 opened its gates a new, unconventional Zilina * enjoyclub. Electro Playground has always been and will be there! Not only in the opening, but every Friday, you can enjoy the club and the underground menu of the alternative floor. This concept will work on the basis of regularity. So if you want to hear or have fun with your friends on quality, not just electronic music, you have a clear objective let's visit Club Enjoy!

*ALTERNATÍVA is the concept of the Electro Playground crew, which *enjoyclub selected and approached with a view to fill dramaturgy at the 2nd stageeven as an alternative to the main, mainstream one. The guys handovered this challenge with gusto and professional dedication. So you can look forward to top Slovak DJs from house / techno / d'n'b / dubstep / electro / progressive / trance / psytrance scene. The aim is to create a regular event in Zilina, which in this city is currently incredibly lacking and offer people who do not want to hear 10 times a night "I GOTTA FEELING", something that satisfies their hearts, ears and mind something that is looking very difficult, but qualitatively moved to a completely different level. That you have become accustomed to, this concept of the program should feature the club Enjoy Ka of D Ý Friday!