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After a successful summer comes autumn, and it also shares BEATLINE! Beatline is a continuation of official BASS ON BEACH by you of summer, we remember many. It all takes place already 18:10, the club Batelier, where the performers presented on two stages and on the DRUM & BASS Stage and TECH-HOUSE, BEAKS Stage at the bar. The first part will introduce the headliner and support to dnb Stage. 

ENTRY: 4, – € 

————————————————– —————————————— 
– His musical career began at age 13 years of age. By this time you've been through many genres from techno to darkstep. Recently focuses mainly on Drum & Bass where his enormously successful. He has collaborations with producers like Wrackage Machinery, Truck Company, Mark Taylor, etc. His music has been released for large and small publishers like – 22:22, Authentic Music, Deafmuted, Ammunition, Foulplay, Esprit, Join Da Beats, Nightmare, Black Hoe 

SC http://goo.gl/6ixPmH 
FB http://goo.gl/Dal7EA 

IM3 / SK 
– As its name suggests, IM3 wants his music sounded freely and cleanly. Is focused mainly on deep DNB and more technical, but they work also with other genres like dubstep and breakbeat straight beat. He is the founder Publisher New Progress ltd., Which is mainly focused on the quality and originality of bass music. As he says, "Our music has many elements of experimental Drum & Bass and Dubstep, and the music we want to show the entire world." 
New Progress ltd, Darktide Recordings, Rotation Recordings, Echo Wide 

SC http://goo.gl/4ZYxTG 
FB http://goo.gl/EMsJek 

Kutlu / SK 
– "I am 17 years old guy, production I started in March 2012. Drum & Bass I started listening to the end of 2008, where I started in the game NFS: Undercover. Broken beats, massive bass and fast tempo I started to meet every day. But just listen to it a little. So in early 2011 my journey began DJ. " 

Chillax Trax, DNBB Recordings 
SC http://goo.gl/1S2C3e 
FB http://goo.gl/N3hcOr 

– Is a young DJ. For the first time ever met with electronics in 2008. Back then it was mainly House and Techno, but after a large decline her eyes fixed on Drum & Bass. And so began attending events Touch The Jungle. Since February 2013, she became the first lady Slansky drum & bass and became a member of the Salt City Crew. 

SC: http://goo.gl/OpBd5q 
FB: http://goo.gl/6BSrK4 

FreeMind / SK 
Slovak young blood to the surface of the igneous end of 2012. Well with Drum & Bass met already over 14 years old. Its ignition for this music forced him to do so began to actively pursue not only listen, but also the presentation of the general public's first production was in 2012, when it began to actively pursue a music production later, in early 2013 and it reproduced as DJ 

SC: http://goo.gl/C8N0ga 
MC: http://goo.gl/BM6QMS 

————————————————– —————————————— 

In the first part of the press conference BEATLINE we introduce a little closer to the main stage assembly (DRUM & BASS) of this section is approximately TECH-HOUSE BREAKS stage and the bar 

Around 1997 he began to move on the dance scene. Since 1999 and for the first time revealed behind the decks, then more than Techno DJ. The last couple of years, he organizes events in the Czech Republic under the auspices of the emerging clusters NuSkoolBreaks.Cz. In his sets, in addition to the above styles, you can also hear elements ElectroHouse, Dubstep, UK Bass as well as techno, with which many years ago started 

SC: http://goo.gl/Nmzn04 
FB: http://goo.gl/kcyjeL 

Music has been around since its silent 20 years. It started with "House's" club scene, completely charmed me, so I said one day, why not try it … give yourself sluchádka the ears and just listen graceful rhythm and melody, are for me the greatest relaxation. First came the purchase of my system, the first trackov.Nemohol I get enough of it. Music I try to bring joy and experiences, because I see that it makes sense and it fills me …. 

SC: http://goo.gl/qbjfco 
FB: http://goo.gl/HwrZYN 

Do it in giving people all kinds of sounds, which tlčú twice the speed of the heart beat (ie 122 to 144 bpm). I prefer you sound in spirit electro / progressive / tech house, to prevent or melodic vocals and everything that moves ordinary world into emotional level. 

SC: http://goo.gl/Q0RRMo 
FB: http://goo.gl/4wgjtL 
www.fb.com / ElectroPlayground 

Novice and WINNERS dj contest 
SC: http://goo.gl/Oi74vl…

Facebook EVENT : facebook event


Event details

  • Begin: 18. 2013 at 21:00
  • End: 19. 2013 at 06:00
  • Add to your calendar: Download ics file
  • Place: Batelier Tovarenska 14, 82101 Bratislava, Slovakia

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