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We thought that we now oraz until April. After all, people are now over the winter in the head rather where to go this weekend to the mountains and in the evening you enjoy a drink at the bar somewhere. Or at least that way we had planned to do. 

But unfortunately, the reality is that while it's freezing outside, but the pieces of ice on the slopes are rather a parody of a solid stroke. And yet this man must have a strong will to suppress the urge to slap a local club DJs, if the x-th release in 2013, Michael David and Helen Vondrackova. Well, where are we? 

It follows that fuck on winter break and the first day of March to look forward to the next dance party directed Breakpoint AGENCY! 


***************** LINE – UP ***************************** 

UXEN / OVA Breakart.cz / – dubstep 

Djed LEBEDA / Playa Crew Ka / – breakbeat 

DEAGON / Electro Playground, SK / – techhouse 

M4SLO / TMC / – Breakz / electro / dubstep 

RON-X / Future Control / – electro / breakz 21.st BIRTHDAY SET! 

SUEZ / OVA city / – dubstep 

************************************************** **** 

5 kW RCF Soundsystem, 2xBAR, BLUE LASER STROBE 



ENTRY 50 – 

We look forward to you all our BP team!

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Galery Fotoreport z akcie

Event details

  • Begin: 1. 2013 at 20:00
  • End: 2. 2013 at 05:00
  • Add to your calendar: Download ics file
  • Place: Kopernikova 696, Trinec

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