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cream biscuit c.5 (06.11.2013)

Andre Tribale and Cream Biscuit – Ibiza House Night Presents 
Cream Biscuit #5 – Ibiza House Night

After the summer break is here to sleep continuation of that dance Žůrků . This time we visit the center of Bratislava and in super klubik JOY on Commerce Street .. As usual you André Tribale invited guests and DEAGONa of Zilina Electro Playground and Lukashenko The grouping of Shamans .
Deagona having fun in giving people all kinds of sounds , which tlčú twice the clock speed of the human heart ( ie 122 to 144 bpm ) . I prefer the sound menu in the spirit of electro / progressive house , neither shall prevent melodic vocals and everything that moves ordinary world into the emotional level .
Lukashenko for a very long time effects on soil djing and partys . It is the experienced dj and nowadays he started to Shamans The project , which seek to combine music and visual elements in a comprehensive experience , what convinced us well at this year's festival BeeFree 2013th for this party and get you going mixture of deephouse , techhouse and certainly you have to look forward to .
Of course , residents will not miss this party Andre Tribale and Johnny Le , who bring many new and guaranteed power-packed music that presents the partys but also in radio shows and podcasts SPYRADIA.sk
11/06/2013 , Wednesday , we will see and hear at the music club joy in Bratislava . Entry is free and as a bonus for visitors is ready promo CD , which is a live mix Andre Tribale @ Cream Bisciut 1


André Tribale /CreamBiscuit.eu/
Johny Le /CreamBiscuit.eu/
DJ deagON / Electro Playground/
dj lukashenko / The Shamans/


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Event details

  • Begin: 6. 2013 at 21:00
  • End: 7. 2013 at 05:00
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  • Place: Obchodná 48, Bratislava

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