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he began his DJ career behind the doors of his dorm room, where he found the right beat of his roommate, who has spinned the vinyls at 144 bpm 4 hours a day. Once he moved away, he granted himself his first mixer. After decent trainings, at the dorm, random apartments, remote cottages in the middle of the woods, and small parties for his closest, he realized he wants to move forward. At that time nicknamed Dregon (which has originated from the nick BlueDregons – used during online gaming of countless sleepless nights) he founded the brand Electro Playground, which step by step grew-up into a booking and event planning service. With warp speed has the brand established itself not just locally but also in general vicinity. After two years, Deagon has tried to breakthrough in the capital city Bratislava, where two guys known by their stage name Cimy and Libor Fiala invited him to play into a underground club called Empire. On this evening, being left sateless after the fire-trial, he's heading to Nu Spirit (the most known and prestigious underground club) for a pirate spinning. Here he meets a guy called Vlado (an evil spirit?) and encounters a failure. He doesn't plan to give up, and as the time goes by he appears in most of the underground dance music clubs of the capital. A friendly helping hand from Universal Media is what enables him his 2013 Žilina comeback, and that is where he also takes the opportunity to contribute, as he's standing by the cornerstone of *enjoyclub. It is this club, that becomes a local phenomenon in a short period. Subsequently, Deagon is becoming the club's resident DJ responsible as well for booking and dramaturgy. He creates in the club a special underground stage titled Alternatíva, where he provides the possibility for all the most popular DJ folks, he met on his way over the past 3 years, to introduce themselves to the local audience. It's about a multi-genre project, not focused on electronic dance music only. He also invites the drum'n'bass producer iM3 to the club, with who he starts a summer open air event Bass on Beach (Bratislava). The event has got four successful sequels throughout the summer of 2013. Last of those events are moving into the club and continue with iM3 in the commenced endeavour under the name Beatline. Deagon is gathering projects, while not giving up on the old ones. He's starting to cooperate with Radio_FM. Based on this cooperation, he is renaming the Alternatíva stage to Alternatíva_FM. In the last year has his crew expanded to 9 members, lead by the mad man himself – Stalmo, who's accompanying Deagon since the very beginning. They discover a talented designer Adam, and are changing the essence of the EP brand, into a real crew with the name "we are Electro Playground". Together they are creating another standalone projects of different directions like "Join to DNB music", Swing Your Life, Femme Fatale, Beatline, Bass on Beach, Reggae Ragga Night and many others, …

Thanks to these projects Deagon collides more often behind the decks with foreign artists, I.a.;
drum & bass's Smooth (Slovenia) / Viper Recordings, Wildchild (Germany), Magical Gravity (Hungary), Digital Soap (France) / New One Progress, Gerra and Stone (UK) / Dispatch | Proximity
dubstep's Borgore (Israel/USA)
hip-hop's Timber (Spain), Mad Skill (Germany), electro swing's Der Dose (Germany) / Swinger Club
but also with legendary techno deejays and producers like
Takaaki Itoh (Japan),  Ben Long / Space DJz (UK), and last but not least Darren Price / UNDERWORLD (UK).

Deagon is becoming a multi-genre DJ, but he still maintains his own beat, he enjoys to serve all kinds of 

sounds to the crowd, those which beat about as twice as the heartbeat (means between 122 and 144 bpm)

He preferably offers the sound in the sense of house and techhouse. He doesn't refuse to stuff like melodic vocals, all kinds of loops, electro~swing elements, joyful breakbeat's broken linings, psychedelic progressive surprises, and to everything that moves the ordinary world to the emotional balance.

In the future he plans to settle and confine the fundamentals of EP projects.
More about the events' schedule, DJs and clubs, where Deagon collected his experience, and his plans, you may find listed here.


Milestones Electro Playground -u and -a Deagon ( list of DJs , clubs , and events played ( found are listed here ) )

October 2013 – Beatline (indoor Bass continued on Beach )
July / August 2013 – Bass on the beach , organizing four medium-sized open air events in the capital of Slovakia at Waterworks Golden Sands
May 2013 – establishment podcast Electro Playground ( )
April 2013 – establishment of an alternative space * enjoyclub – e – Alternatíva_FM
April 2013 – head writer / program manager Zilina * enjoyclub – in
April 2013 – A resident Žilinská * enjoyclub – in
Sept. 2012 – DJing for interesting party in Bratislava Atelier Babylon alongside Israeli dubstep producer Borgore , which falls under the label of CPU
April 2012 – real functioning official website Electro Playground
February 2012 – moving to the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava
September 2011 – organizing high- budget action Ži n4plno rotation and professional promoklipu
September 2011 – choosing between career and professional dj djing as a hobby ( won the love of music and djing thus remained a hobby)
July 2011 – djing the Croatian Ibiza – Zrce , Island of Pag ( Cocomo Club & Big Yellow House )
July 2010 – DJing at underground psychadelic open airs as Mystique Chvatimech 2010, 2010, 2011 , 2012, 2013
May 2010 – co-organization , djing and layout for electronic Skyline Rag Zilina 2010, 2011 , 2012 and 2013
April 2010 – purchase professional dj equipment
February 2010 – the first official party organization Electro Playground with the same name and the establishment of booking support
Spring 2004 – Purchase of the first mixer omnitronic
2001 – discovery of the magic club music and clubing



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EDM (electronic dance music) – commercial sound set (set16set15
club / underground sound – house / techhouse / techno sound (set22set20set21
proggy, goa & psychadelic trance 

mixed by a sets you can hear in two sections:

PodcastPodcast (A section where you can find pre-built sets recorded from heat home)

  * Live Act (A section where you can find packages of live performance recorded directly in equity) * or directly to the web site for

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