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[2013.02.01] electroplayground30

Electro Playground crew is going to Prague. Sili time for Cherma mix together, Deagon and their secret guest. Floor immersed reverberation that will truly multi-genre smell. You can learn Deagonove Progressiv to techhousové beats with a hint vokálovýchpochoutek. Probably got carried away and begins to lick and to electra dubstepem. All sprinkles and destroy Cherma svýmdramendbejsovým liqidem and we believe that peeks into the pockets deeper and faster for broken beats. Breakbeat our representative will tajnýhost he declassified to the event. Therefore, come fly away with us on their beats to Prague Club recently opened Angel MusicClub and enroll onto the dance floor tracks that just one slightly more Kalb clear.


Cherma / www.electroplayground.com
DEAGON / www.electroplayground.com – Live set from this event for listen
+ Guest

d'n'b / break / tech house / progressive

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AlTomReklama (http://www.altomreklama.sk/) is a young and creative company with good ideas, engaged in producing advertising. Helps us rise above all the brand Electro Playground. They helped us with the production of banners, stickers printing, printing on t-shirts and other promotional items.

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Event details

  • Begin: 1. 2013 at 21:00
  • End: 2. 2013 at 05:00
  • Add to your calendar: Download ics file
  • Place: Andel music club, praha

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