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On Saturday evening 19 January lay aside for a moment skis, skates, or winter snowboots. Prinesme your sneakers to the city because the motion of the first New Year's party workshops Electro Playground in Bratislava Empire Club: where to meet again three "brothers in arms": Gryllz, Moonspa and Deagon. 

Host events Deagonovi we made a memorable New Year's Resolutions and nodules Shoelaces, so do not forget to come cheer you all and move frozen blood pumping in a stream of fun, which is never enough so let's get everyone together and let him knot securely retightened up to Saturday's dinner. While their melodies Deagon will shape your smile and pull hands up, Moonspa is already fully committed empty briefcase new treks. The proof that just enjoying the Saturday night is also set and specially mixed in just for this event (listen to it on line môržte: http://www.electroplayground.com/playground-diaries-podcast-002-by-moonspa/ ). Gryllz (prepared by a unique set in exotic taste of the most diverse techno and electro-Dubstep Beat). It starts with a given composition carefully beforehand pre-provisioned compose songs that best expressed in its storyline set. Heading to a live act-on in the near future will be the main tool Ablett Live. 

This year, the first action performed by this trio will be stronger than footprints in the snow. Therefore come to refresh (d) ear and body together with my buddies and sign on the floor. ! To 22-hey you got a ticket for the whole evening free 

More info available on: http://www.electroplayground.com/ep29/ 
Or facebookovskom the event: www.facebook.com/events/315442571893525 

That … winter is still here? So boots, skates, snowboards leave home. You'd better come and precautions to defend against potential Poland / swine flu, which at this time there and the only option is to follow the vyhopsať, fry and get some exercise in rhythm straight beat-for shelters in Bratislava club on a County Square. The celebration will be more compact without compromise and unnecessary comments. And that is not something to celebrate? After all, we had a rich New Year's Eve, no one missed our Christmas gift and explosive end of the world are related to failing. Loaded into the boiler Electro Playground will be three pullets Gryllz, Moonspa and Deagon. You also come to burn Bacile! 


GRYLLZ / Hrba 
MOONSPA / www.electroplayground.com 
DEAGON / www.electroplayground.com 

techno / tech house / progressive / proggy 
Note: before 22:00 = free / after 22:00 = e 2 girls / boys 3 e


Facebook EVENT : facebook event


Partners :

AlTomReklama (http://www.altomreklama.sk/) is a young and creative company with good ideas, engaged in producing advertising. Helps us rise above all the brand Electro Playground. They helped us with the production of banners, stickers printing, printing on t-shirts and other promotional items.

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live4pm BAportal.sk Beatport CityLife.sk www.drom.sk gluuu.tv.sk  Housemusic.sk hudba.sk kam do mesta  nl  wavemag.eu  websound.eu

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gluuu.tv.sk  Housemusic.sk  wavemag.eu websound.eu

Event details

  • Begin: 19. 2013 at 22:00
  • End: 20. 2013 at 05:00
  • Add to your calendar: Download ics file
  • Place: Empire club Bratislava

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