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Midnight_FM 13.03.2015

Don´t sit at home and come have fun ! 13.3 you could dive into the sounds of good music , because in Žilina´s Enjoyclub is going to be unleash the incredible party Radio_FM Midnight_FM which will for the first time take over the  Alternative stage. You will be dancing all night long in the tones of tech house and techno. Into the great mood you will be fit by threesome of favorite DJs Michal Breeth , Deagon and Moonspa who are guarantee of an entertainment of great quality.





Skilled Dj, producent and moderator who you could hear for years as a voice of the show  4 elements, currently he is stiring water in the Midnight_FM, as well as in the daily column Music Education on the _FM radio. As a DJ, for years he has been successfully performing not only at home but increasingly also in the foreign countries. He presents himself by playing tchno, tech house and widely profiled club sound of progressive house / tribal house. Besides that, he was a resident DJ of the iconic Bratislava party Doubledecker.




DJ, who offers people all kinds of sounds , which beats twice as fast as the human heart , loves house music but doesn´t reject any melodic vocals or anything that moves ordinary world into the emotional level. Today he is known as the founder of Electro Playground which is paveing the way in crazy speed not only in Žilina, but in almost whole SR and nearby Czech Republic . He cooperated in establishing of Žilina´s fenomen- * enjoyclub.




Ambitious DJ whose beats of progressive house, techhouse, techno but also proggy or break – beat sound can be regulary heard on the Alternative Stage, is an unthinkable guarantee of good music and entertainment . You know him as a member of Electro Playground , who collaborated with the names like DJ Boss or DJ Trava and in 2013 he hosted the popular festival BeeFree . DJ Breeth also helped him to kick-start his career by stating his mixes right in the Radio _FM.


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Event details

  • Begin: 13. 2015 at 22:00
  • End: 14. 2015 at 05:00
  • Add to your calendar: Download ics file
  • Place: enjoyclub, Mariánske námestie 51/28, 01001 Žilina, Slovakia

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