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After more than half a winter hibernation confess return meet new energy and inspiration. And we have a good reason. After a winter trip to Bratislava, this brand partying returns to his native valley and Puchov addition to the new area that suits our concept and ideas. 

If you remember, what was the original Session at the now-defunct Terrace, you might guess that our main criterion was not even the appearance of space or sound equipment and lighting apparatus. Sound and lights can bring so they can function may also fail, but the area difficult to get just right? When you find the one that boxes are sort of uncomfortable seating, the bar is a little short, or that after the first few tracks so storm came, the whole night is not electricity … do you remember? How many people would remain at current club? In our area, that nobody would have dared to even be called a club atmosphere so it was that people just did not go, yet come, though they knew the music already in the evening hear about. This is something that can not be bought or rented. I remember some DJs who when they first arrive slightly eyes were nervous and they clearly feature request: "I'm here all right?". And as good as I remember enthusiastically pretended to after playing his set. 

Therefore, we are pleased to have found a space that gives us in this regard high hopes. Also, this is not a club, but is well placed to be your spirit. A piece of plaque in the end of Matador, near Nosice dam is located in Nimnica Golden Anchor restaurant, which got us an amazing owner its positive and proactive approach, which is for us the promise of fruitful cooperation. 

This choice allows us to return after many years to the original tradition, when we started unusually even in broad daylight and after sunset moved inside. These movements, which all helped with moving vehicles and impatiently waited, when it already engaged were legendary. Although it belongs to the atmosphere Session and when we can, we are unable to forgive. If it then weather permitting, on Saturday afternoon 11 May can be pulled maker and grill, and you picked up his ass, pulling the heel of the house and you come see us. Deal?


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Event details

  • Begin: 11. 2013
  • End: 11. 2013 at
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  • Place: Nimnica

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