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Herak Marcel MCX + + TMX + PMC + + Deagon Matthew Peterson

Workshop: Biodan Drahosh + + + PMC + Tokatko Matthew Peterson

Electronic music has asked the fingers directly on the beats of modern times. The world komercialzuje, but not all are for. Nudance, minimal, nujazz eclectic and are a response to uniform Dika. Technology, tempo and thought the world continues, we with it. This is our answer. Nu art and new electronic music go hand in hand. Commerce we say no, we can also have fun at.

This action is intended not only for hipsters, but for those who like to enjoy high quality music. Boredom has been enough to entertain us, where is the depth and dynamics. Do you dance and debates in the first part of the event will play a dance sneakers provětraj Name: Herak (nudisco, breakbeat, electronica, electronica), TomasTMX (minimal, electronica, ambient, dub), Marcel MCX (ambient, breakbeat, minimal progressive), Deagon (minimal, breakbeat), Matthew Peterson (ambient). Enjoy the evening with good music and a circle of friends on our popular K4 club in Celetné

Want to learn how earn DJs agent, which takes Kalbrenner fee and how to start their own label? The tip of the Czechoslovak scene will explain this to the workshop, which we prepared before the music program.

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Event details

  • Begin: 29. 2013 at 17:30
  • End: 30. 2013 at 06:00
  • Add to your calendar: Download ics file
  • Place: K4 Celetná 20, 11000 Praha, Czech Republic

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