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start: 8 / december / 2012 – 21:00 ~ end: 05:05

Facebook EVENT : facebook event

line up :

15 djs / bubenícky orchester / belly dancer / 2 stages / 2 live acts / 2 projections

1st. Main floor : 


Eddy Portella live & Batatimba

Juraj Grafik / techhouse.sk

Fresh boys / Libor Fiala & David Steiniger
Mona Abir & Deagon / electroplayground.com

2nd. Deep bar :

Nina Pixel


Session is in the sign of Sagittarius … 
… Despite the fact she was born sometime in the middle of the summer of Mr 2006. Its December edition is in fact always the sign of the birthday celebrations of the authors and founders – the sign of Sagittarius. 
For the six years of existence, the Session without much fuss has developed into one of the most popular regular kluboviek to Považí to the latest edition nearly sold out Púchov Shaku. What's in this case tajomstvom also prevent the success remains tajomstvom also for ourselves – maybe it will be just that it simply no neobostiera. If we have yet to challenge at least something, it will be stubborn about holding the original, free, to the punk idea, which is primarily about good music without the crowds ambition and ignoring any unnecessary embellishment and pozlátok, which ultimately in many cases only mask the plain truth. Simply Session – meeting friends for a mix on the floor beneath him. 
This year it was time to try new standards. Brand Session neck did not break once or unavoidable circumstances forced a change of premises, but there was time to try something more ambitious and risky. Because change is important and beneficial only if it is voluntary and not forced by circumstances – we decided to do another birthday edition for something well established and can happily pradúcu Lounge unheard of – the transfer of tens of kilometers, and at the capital city. It is boldness! But start (almost) from scratch is sometimes also liberating. 
The choice of space that would suit our ideas of freedom, for nothing nehrajúceho lo-fi and comfortable in the club fell to Batelier. Near the heart of Bratislava, while in the dark, blind Továrenská street is Batelier center mindedness, underground and love of art for art. For two Stagea here 8 December does not constitute the following stars: Tiesto, David Guetta, LMFAO, rhythm and even many more … or even Dara who come … but come unrepentant. 

Electro Playground is also marked by shooter 

Actually … although the exact date is date of birth. It is synonymous Booking, quality party from electra through psy trance to drum under the auspices of the spiritual father of Deagona.Ten rodnej.Žiliny prove this concept successfully transferred to the capital, where for a long time same name organized a party at the club Empire and in addition the fingers and in a number of other actions and projects in both cities which are ranked in December, libra Session in Bratislava Batelier. 

Session along with a team of two successful creators of these kluboviek in a joint project joined forces together to create something bigger and still the same person as their musical little ones. Guests will especially our common friends from the industry, so you can expect a varied selection of smart electronics from a minimum of drum n bass.Spojenie drumming orchestra, belly dancing, live DJs and actu two Stagea you prepare 8 December in Bratislava Batelier in the next few days will gradually learn začnšte names yet … 

Sagittarius Session / Plastic Playground House Music Culture 

That meeting shooters or if you want to Sagittarius Session – Plastic Playground in Bratislava Batelier not just about DJing is obvious. The main attraction will be Eddy Portella and Batatimba. 

Eddy Portella born in 1981 (Lima Peru), coming in 1989 to Slovakia with his family. In his eight years beginning in flamenco file as a singer and after 2 years of experiencing their first public appearances. 

Later, he began to study flamenco rhythms and folk guitar at the Conservatory with Professor Blaha and flamenco guitar with guitarist Flaco de Nerja. Guitarist, however, it did not become smaller after a search of music spoke to him when starting group Mango Molas. 

His role was to be operated small percussive instruments (percusion menorah, shakers, triangle, tambourine, guiro etc.). This triggering his obsession with percussion and began to devote himself to the study afrocubánskych and Latin American percussion, which devoted all the time. 

He learned to play classical music on percussion instruments at the State Conservatory in Bratislava. His passions were, however, Latin American percussion, and then drew his knowledge of video and school books issued by Gigio Parodi, Glen Caruba, Ed Uribe, Giovanni Hidalgo, Quintana Joseluiz Changuito, Miguel Anga Diaz, Victor Rendon, Bobby Sanabria, internet school, youtube. 

Eddy Portella is a practical demonstration of the new phenomenon of self-taught reared on the internet. Their findings, however, consulted at every opportunity with great musicians such as. George Delgado, Luisito Quintero, Jorge Gonzales. 

Migration of Cuban musicians in Slovakia it greatly influenced and accelerated the acquisition of knowledge about afrocubánskej music. A great school has been in operation Eddy Portella band excellent musician and master percussionist: Westevi Werlen Ramos Moreira. 

Eddy Portella at its existing activities together and with top Slovak and foreign artists. Established itself as a multi-genre percussionist in recording studios, live performances and television broadcasts. 

He is the founder and artistic director of Drum 25-member orchestra BATATIMBA. 

BATATIMBA is drumming orchestra created in 2010 under the leadership of Peruvian origin percussionist Eddy Portella, which aims to spread the magic of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian percussion music and pass on their experience and knowledge to all those who want to pursue this unique art form. The file will be trained in dealing with different rhythms and songs by percussion and singing. Batatimba provides its members with the opportunity to develop their own artistic personality through practical play in group and individual instruction. 

Mona Abir is a professional dancer and teacher oriental belly dancing in Liverpool. Oriental dance is dedicated since 2002. Already in the first hour rate of oriental dance, before whom had no idea what all entails, it its beauty, grace and femininity especially charmed. Still, it is absorbed and constantly indulges him with joy. His dancing is still perfecting the various workshops with well-known Slovak and foreign lecturers oriental dance. He also works as a duo alongside DJ Deagon. Thus refreshed many a party and it is in Batelier should dazzle the dance floor with her new artifact – LED backlight Isis wings. 

VJing during the party will be given Vj Indiapositive / GalakticVisions Dec. 
Young designer, fell by 1,999 full-on psychedelic trance … he plays under the name Bluemonkey / Cosmic Dance is a founding member of the Radical Karma Crew. Under the personal brand GalakticVision decorated parties to sk, hu, hu, Indonesia and the prestýžny BOOM festival in Portugal in rokoch2004, 2006 and 2008. Experimental vidoprojekcii addresses since 2005. 
Sagittarius Session or teleport from Terrace to Batelier 
Gradually, the time has come to bring a part of Saturday lajnapu that we have put together for the premiere issue of Session party in the capital. The domestic realm and bring the best connection, which is harvested in Puchov basin and Slovak choice. While even on the Slovak one could argue, since … some were born here, some not, but all musical heart is here and it is important. So why not say directly that we lajnap world? 🙂 
It will be a colorful … 


Juraj Grafik is one of the headliners Saturday night. This man should not be in Bratislava, or even over Slovakia in particular pose. His name is associated with the now defunct radio show on Radio bassline sity which was one of the most listened. To this day, played in Slovakia and abroad, many successful gaming. Try some in blue, dull Monday's evening go underground when the Joys reads its reincarnation in the form of Bassline party. This person also heads the well-known brand with DJ and studio equipment techhouse.sk, which for the second year fully covers its own stage at the famous Bee Free and many other events. Title clearly refers to the style that you can expect in his administration. 

Libor Fiala and David Steiniger aka. Freshboys the Czechoslovak strike duo. The composition of this act alternately on both sides of the border for three years and pumped into people's uncompromising groovy proggy tech sound, full of fluffy atmospheres and surfaces, which are held in the country dense beats and bass lines. Libor you as one of you for celebrating with David has prepared a special set that will accompany percussionist Eddy Portella and also you will be presented as one of the members of the orchestra Drum Batatimba. 

Gumik (note this is The Director could not, therefore, quote): "Gitarova I enjoy music, dance when I want to have fun. The effort to create a personally created especially without prejudice trends over time convinced me that making music is a very personal thing. It will be easiest to capture the moods, feelings and especially the atmosphere of the period that he lived producer. After a few years, so music stáva for producers clearest cítiteľnym code and almost AZ Time teleport not only in the past but also the future;] Music is for me a lifelong experiment and I believe in it, much "more". It is a universal language and can communicate the nou things which are short words. For me it would have to persuade people each. It's not a sport, and I look forward to the day and time when the possibility of producing a play me any. Music is thus again becomes more ways of self-realization and no longer directed calculatingly product. Music should not be sold, but the rewards. " 
We only supply the gumik the main Stagea present in live performances, where currently working diligently … we have to look forward to! 

Deagon Do it in giving people all kinds of sounds, beats twice as fast as the human heart beat (ie 122 to 144 bpm). I prefer you sound in spirit electro / progressive house, to prevent or melodic vocals and everything that moves ordinary world into emotional level. Deagon is the founder booking support Electro Playground, under which he was able to organize dozens žúrok not only in the heart of northern Slovakia – Žilina, but after moving actively and successfully in Bratislava. . 

Herak, talented Košičan currently working in Prague. She is djngu 11 years and although his musical past is mainly linked hardtechno, where he played alongside names such as Rush, Mario Ranieri and Henrik B. Followed by age-related natural transformation and now swim in the waters techhouseu and deephouseu. 

Uwex the person whose name is not as well known, but it is not at all important. For us it is important that it is a good friend to you again the fact that progressive psytrance from under his hands is the best possible combination of classic sound psytrance parties and the current sound of the club. 

Bollo is renowned Slovak dj, producer and remixer. As a producer, the music began to actively pursue the mid 90s. How dj presents mostly deep house, funky house and tech house, is responsible for about 70 tracks issued on various labels such legendary including the New York label King Street Sounds. Since 2010, manages his own label Soluble Recordings, where world currencies other than publish his work and Slovak producers. 

SouTHboy – honoree and co-organizer of Sagittarius Session originating from Trencin, playing for housemusic.sk crew. His work in the Slovak underground waters house range goes back 10 years, since the spinning plates Slovak and foreign clubs. She loves pure, unadulterated house in all its forms and positions, but spared neither hip-hop, nu-jazz, breaks and nu-disc. His producing qualities suggests many release issued on quality labels like Melodica, Soluble, Sex Panda White, One way or Seta label. There are currently busily preparing their own live performances. It is something to look forward … 

Cima appeared on the scene around 2009, when the leaves themselves vedieťpo over Slovakia, Czech Republic and the Netherlands to its typical deepovo-techhouseovým Sound odrodený to Lopuchovská underground. The native promoter as Puchov worth well more than once occupied by action and now with Southboyom organized in Bratislava Joy increasingly well Headroom party. 

Nina Pixel young talented púchovčanka comes from Brno electronics underworld, which was raised to a minimum and to those before it all transformed into post-industrial experiments, which remains true even tanečnejších sets. Music of Nina Pixel difficult to include in a single genre. Elements of UK garage, minimalism, postfunku, spacedisca, industrially or complete the Noisy her deepovo by minimal sound. 

Belly Robber is … Does anyone know where this guy is? 🙂 Keep Moving managed to tour and experience life in many parts of Europe, where, of course, in addition spun plates. For occasional returns to Slovakia organizes and co-organizes, writes, contribute, having fun, playing, helping, listening addresses. Many of them actually catching up with him at a distance, in which the entire crew housemusic.sk hopefully after its close transfer direction Puchov city – Wien. 🙂 Over the years spent abroad, his sound became a metropolitan eclectic and highly advanced, whether you like Dublin, London and other European capitals. 

Steff is a seasoned matador of Púchova (note that pun was totally unintentional), hájaci color plasticpuls crew. Certainly not leave anyone in peace, since it is his premiere in the capital as well with us for years, celebrating our common shooting birthday. His cheerful funk-minded tribal techhouse with elements of italo disco (we kidding 🙂 you certainly will drive solidified blood pumping. 

Buket & Phoe further evidence rôznorodosti this party is the representation of break beats performed by two DJs, imagine the coincidence, coming from Púchova who bring you gladly transfer all positions style called drum and bass and concluded that party .. 



AlTomReklama (http://www.altomreklama.sk/) is a young and creative company with good ideas, engaged in producing advertising. Helps us rise above all the brand Electro Playground. They helped us with the production of banners, stickers printing, printing on t-shirts and other promotional items.

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Event details

  • Begin: 9. 2012 at 21:00
  • End: 9. 2012 at 05:00
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  • Place: Batelier, Továrenská, Bratislava, Slovenská republika

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